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On Jan. 12, 2011, the lame duck 96th General Assembly increased the state personal income tax by 67 percent and the corporate income tax by 46 percent. Illinois is already losing jobs at an alarming rate, and these tax increases will only further hurt the state’s economy.

Below are comments that Illinois citizens have left as a message to their legislators on the petition.

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  1. Tony Curtis says:

    I don’t make enough money now, why would I want to make less??

  2. Norma Frey says:

    I am so tired of these liberal polititions continual abuse of the american people….from county boards, to states, to ferderal. They are distroying our once great country!!

  3. Richard Strelchuk says:

    Repeal the tax hikes, get public salaries,retirements and benifits in line with private sector jobs. It appears that all the increases and borrowing of money goes to maintain legacy cost of the state. It’s time to take a REAL look at what needs to be done and start making fiscally responsible decision for the hard working private sector busineses and people in this state. If cuts in benifits and legacy cost are necessary then we need to do it. Without these necessay steps, this state will never see day light again. Our signs in this state should resd welcome to Illinios, please set your watch back 20 years because that the mentality of the Illinois government.

  4. Monica Cutich says:

    It’s sad you guy’s don’t want to cut spending, but as long as you, as elected officials are in office, nothing is going to change. Your patheticrnGet a real job like the rest of the people who pay taxes,you guy’s are good at running your mouth of lies and that’s about it. Maybe try thinking of the Illinois taxpayer,oh that’s right, you are, on all the perks you clowns get……….

  5. Dale Sevrey says:

    You do not need more money to spend, you need to SPEND LESS MONEY…and by the way, look for a new job because you’ve lost all credibility

  6. Michael Bartscht says:

    Please just do the right thing, using common sense, and repeal this tax hike. Please get very serious about cutting spending, stopping fraud and abuse once and for all, and roll back all of the over the top public sector benefits, including legislative “perks’. How about cleaning out all the masterminds in the legislature that put this state in this mess?


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