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What does one week of work mean to you?

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Help the Illinois Policy Institute with a new project to illustrate the harmful affects of the Illinois income tax increase.

What does $1,594 per year mean to you?

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In January 2011, Gov. Quinn signed into law a historic income tax increase. The 67% income tax hike will cost the average Illinois family $1,594 per year. Each family will have to work an additional week each year to pay for Quinn’s tax hike. That’s real money coming out of the pockets of Illinois families already struggling in a tough economy.

The tax hikes were claimed by the Governor to be “temporary”, and set to partially sunset in 2015. However, less than 1-year after the massive income tax increase Quinn’s budget director, David Vaught, is already setting the stage to cancel the sunset and raising the possibility of tax hikes saying, “Our revenue growth is not enough to keep up with pensions and Medicaid.” All while the legislature fails to make the necessary reforms to those same programs.

As a new legislative session, and the 2012 elections approach, legislators and candidates running for office need to realize these tax hikes are bad for Illinois families.

Tell us what one week of pay per year in additional taxes means to you and your family. What have you been forced to give up? We need your help to turn around Illinois. We’ll highlight your stories publicly so that they’re part of the debate in Springfield.


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  1. Unfortunately, I think it went laregly ignored by a lot of people because congress approved the payroll tax holiday right before that. I saw the extra $ on one paycheck, and then the following paycheck went slightly lower than it was before the payroll holiday…I really wish ppl would wake up and smell the coffee. Maybe the metra fare hikes (avg 30% increase), and tollway increases (90%) increase will wake people up, but I still don’t hear much grumbling…

  2. Mark Tiger via Facebook says:

    Looking to move to another state. I love Illinois, but am too tired to fight the corrupt and/or misguided politicians. When all income producers leave, maybe the blind will get some vision.

  3. Debbie Hart via Facebook says:

    Much less eating out, although when I do go out, the restaurants are very crowded. I think a lot of people have not altered their lifestyles much but I’ll bet their credit card balance is creeping up.

  4. We don’t go out to eat anymore and we canceled satellite dish. We also don’t go to the movies anymore and haven’t been able to go on family camping trips.

  5. My family pretty much NEVER eats out or goes to movies anymore thanks to the over $150/ month the state is stealing from me. So they are hurting the local restaurant and entertainment business with their thievery.

  6. Erik Weech via Facebook says:

    Delayed in buying a new home due to saving for it… You’d think the state would want me paying $5k property taxes sooner, instead of $2500 for longer, but I guess not.

  7. Brian Costin via Facebook says:

    I’ve had to cut back on my savings and it’s delayed me and my wife from buying a new home for our growing family.


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