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What does one week of work mean to you?

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  Help the Illinois Policy Institute with a new project to illustrate the harmful affects of the Illinois income tax increase. What does $1,594 per year mean to you? In January 2011, Gov. Quinn signed into law a historic income tax increase. The 67% income tax hike will cost the average Illinois family $1,594 per [...]

Did Your Legislator Vote to Strip You of $1,500?

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The vote to increase income taxes this past January was one of the most important in Illinois history. It will cost the typical family almost $1,500 by the Holidays. How did your legislator vote? This month the Illinois Policy Institute released the mid-year installment of the 2011 Legislative Vote Card. The complete roll call of [...]

Taxes Drive Away Local Small Business

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A recent email from Jeff Hickman – General Manager of Cal Lab Co., Inc. – read: “Attached is just one more reason why we’re looking at moving to Indiana. I took these photos on my way in to work this morning.” Titled “Illinoid,” the pictures showed a whopping $0.37 difference between a gallon of gas [...]

Repeal the Tax Hike Legislator Pledge

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Download the “Repeal the Tax Hike Legislator Pledge” here and have your legislator sign it! “I will vote to repeal the income tax hikes of 2011 without imposing additional taxes on the people and businesses of Illinois.”

Policy Chart: Illinois Loses Most Jobs in the Nation

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July employment report: Illinois leads the nation in jobs lost Is the tax hike costing Illinois its economic recovery? SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (Aug. 22, 2011) — Nationally, lawmakers and economists are debating what policy changes will help the U.S. progress toward economic recovery. Here in Illinois, residents are getting a harsh lesson of what happens when taxes go up, government spending isn’t reformed and [...]

Budget FAIL!

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After the largest tax hike in Illinois’s history, lawmakers on both sides of the aisle committed to reigning in spending. And some of the lawmakers are even boasting that they have made good on those commitments by passing a budget containing cuts. But the reality is that they have not delivered on those commitments, at [...]

2011 Tax Day Message to You and Your Family

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2011 Tax Day Message to You and Your Family Recently, the Gov. Quinn released a budget that relies heavily on borrowing and tax hikes and still comes up short. For three years now, the Institute has developed an alternative to Quinn’s budget, it’s called “Budget Solutions 2012” and it’s a line-by-line alternative. And guess what, [...]

Cutting the Home Budget to Pay for Higher Taxes

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The average family living in the Midwest earns just under $60,000 annually and consists of 2.4 people. In Illinois, that family will pay $1,100 more each year in state income taxes – nearly as much as they spent on clothes last year. Where will Illinois families find the room to cut their budgets? This amount [...]

Tax Day Tea Party Repeal Rallies w/the Institute

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The dreaded income tax day falls a little bit later this year, on April 18th. Rallies will be held all over the State of Illinois to draw awareness to high taxes. This year citizens have a lot more to be upset about as the State of Illinois just passed historic 67% income tax hike. To [...]

How Much Will the Tax Hike Cost You?

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The 67% increase in the state income tax will cost the average Illinois family $1,488. To figure out exactly how much it is costing you, try our “Quinn Income Tax Hike Calculator,” available at

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