Repeal The Tax Hike

About is a project of the people of Illinois, the Illinois Policy Institute, and our Coalition partners.

Gov. Quinn and Legislative Leaders have said that this tax hike will be temporary. We want to make this as temporary as possible.

Help repeal the tax hike now!

Check back  as we continue to build out this website with information on our efforts to repeal the tax hike and also information on true reforms needed to turn this state around.

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  1. Jack Weigert says:

    These midnight raids upon the taxpayers of Illinois have to be repealed. We need meaningful reforms in the pension areas,the whole size if the government needs to be reduced, term limits must be installed so people like Madigan cannot retain their power base over all these years.
    What Gov. Quinn and his two cronies did was taxation without representation by the people. These are the same people that were involved in creating these huge deficits


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